Sunday, July 18, 2010

Start Your Engines!

Over the last few days I've had a chance to preview new GX Racers- superfast stunt cars with interchangeable bodies and engines! They are so cool because of all the speed packed into it's little body.

To use these action-packed racers you put the "ripcord" into the slot in the top of your car, pull it out and watch them go! The racers speed around your house doing spins and flips and also go offroad but that's the least of the big things these little cars do. You can get track sets to make them perform even more extreme tricks. With the GX Super Jump you can make them jump up to 10 feet high and with Tight Rope Terror, they speed over a tight rope, just to name a couple. What other race car can do that?

GX Racers are available at a toy store near you for $5.99 for a Speed Assortment or a multi-pack for $11.99. Also available will be GX Racers Skate and skate park sets.

I liked this toy because of the insane speed that I've never seen in such a small body. Like my grandma used to tell me, "Sometimes big things come in small packages." Check it out!

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